S’ecologia in sa terminologia de su sardu.

S’ecologia in sa terminologia de su sardu.

– de Salvatore Serra –

Su traballu terminològicu est fundamentale in sa polìtica linguìstica de sas limbas minorizadas, ca servit a bìnchere sa diglossia.

Operende in custu setore, tocat a cunfrontare sa limba interessada cun sas àteras limbas.

Inoghe, a ghisa de mustra, bos propòngio unas cantas frases in inglesu cun sa tradutzione in sardu.

Oe faeddamus de ecologia.


  • Many countries in the world have problems with pollution and damage to their environment.

In logos medas de su mundu b’at problemas cun su luòngiu e su dannu a s’ambiente


  • So is it possible to solve these problems? Here are three ways that we could start to make a difference.

Tando, a si podet agatare unu remèdiu a custos problemas? Inoghe bos mustramus  tres maneras de operare pro cumintzare a fàghere sa diferèntzia

  • Firstly for all, we need to think more carefully about the transport we use, as the exhaust fumes from petrol and diesel cars are polluting our cities

In antis de totu,  depimus dare prus cara  a sos mèdios de trasportu, ca sos gas  de iscàrrigu de sas màchinas  a benzina e a gasòliu  sunt luende sas tzitades nostras


  • Therefore , we should switch to electric vehicles  so that we can breathe fresh air again there.

Duncas diamus dèpere colare a sos veìculos elètricos, a manera de pòdere torrare a respirare àera frisca

  • Furthermore, we must reduce using plastic bottles as these end up in our rivers and sea. The plastic gets broken down into small pieces  which the fish eat, and this can lead to a slow and painful death for them.

In prus, depimus minimare s’impreu de sas ampullas  de plàstica, ca nche ferint  in sos rios e in su mare. Sa plàstica si frìghinat  in bìculos minores  chi sos pisches si nche los màndigant, e  custu nche los podet fàghere mòrrere a bellu a bellu in manera dolorosa.

  • Finally, we should reduce the electricity in our homes as power often comes from fossil-fueled stations which generate much pollution. If we turned off a few unnecessary lights and gadgets, this could make a difference.

In fines, diamus dèpere minimare s’elètricu  in sas domos, ca  s’energia a s’ispissu  benit dae tzentrales  a combustìbiles  fòssiles chi luant meda su logu. Si nche diamus istudare  carchi lughe e carchi dispositivu  cando non bisòngiant, custu diat pòdere fàghere sa diferèntzia.

  • On the whole, solving the pollution problem can seem challenging.  However,  it affects us all, so we need to make the changes in our life to improve the situation.

Cumplessivamente, a agatare unu remèdiu a su problema de su luòngiu podet pàrrere unu disafiu. Belle gasi, est una cosa chi interessat a totus, e duncas tenimus bisòngiu de fàghere cambiamentos in  sa vida nostra  pro megiorare sa situatzione.


Ligàmene: https://www.esleschool.com/b2-pollution-problems/

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