Sèberos informàticos

Sèberos informàticos

. de Salvatore Serra –

Su traballu terminològicu est fundamentale in sa polìtica linguìstica de sas limbas minorizadas, ca servit a bìnchere sa diglossia.

Operende in custu setore, tocat a cunfrontare sa limba interessada cun sas àteras limbas.

Inoghe, a ghisa de mustra, bos propòngio unas cantas frases in inglesu dae su giassu “B2 School Improvement” cun sa tradutzione in sardu.



Do find buying a new computer challenging with the various brands on display? For many of us, the first major decision is whether to buy a laptop or tablet PCs.

  • Difìtzile est a comporare un’elaboradore nou gherrende cun totu sas marcas chi bi sunt in giru? Pro meda de nois, sa prima cosa de detzìdere est si est a comporare un’elaboradore portàtile o una tauledda.

Nowadays, it can be hard for many of us to decide, as you can listen to music, browse the internet and check your email with either a laptop or a tablet. But which is better? That’s a difficult question as both are incredibly useful.

  • Oe in die, podet èssere peleosu pro meda de nois a leare una detzisione, ca unu podet ascurtare mùsica, navigare in internet o controllare sa posta eletrònica siat cun su portàtile, siat cun sa tauledda. Ma, cale est su mègius? Benit male a torrare un’imposta, ca ambos duos sunt profetosos a beru.

If you ask me, the main advantage of laptops is that they are better for functions such as word processing, Another thing I like is that they have a good sized screen and a proper keyboard. However, there’s no doubt that the cheaper ones can be a bit heavy.

  • Si pregontas a mie, su profetu prus mannu de sos portàtiles est chi sunt mègius pro funtziones comente s’elaboratzione de testos. Un’àtera cosa chi m’agradat est chi tenent unu visore bastante mannu e una tastera comente si tocat. Belle gasi, non b’at duda chi sos prus baratos podent èssere unu pagu graes.  


On the other hand, I’m sure you won’t get backache carrying a tablet, because they’re so lightweight. Another great thing about them is that they’re easy to use and you can buy hundreds of apps. On the downside, I think most people would agree prices are still too high and they can be expensive to repair.

  • Dae un’àteru puntu de vista, so seguru chi non benit su dolore de ischina leende una tauledda, ca custos dispositivos sunt lèbios a beru. Un’àtera cosa bona est chi sas tauleddas sunt fàtziles a las  impitare, e si podent comporare aplicatziones medas. Una cosa mala, e penso chi su prus de sas pessones siant de acordu cun megus, est chi sos prejos sunt galu tropu artos, e podet costare meda a las acontzare.


At the end of the day, I’d say it depends on what you want the device for doing. A laptop is great for a student to keep work on, but a tablet is straightfoward and fun to use.

  • In fines, deo dia nàrrere chi dipendet dae ite cheres fàghere cun unu dispositivu informàticu. Un’elaboradore portàtile andat bene a beru pro su traballu de sos istudentes, ma una tauledda est fàtzile e ispassiosa a l’impitare.


Ligàmene: https://www.esleschool.com/tablet-or-laptop/

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