Sas tzitades de su venidore.

Sas tzitades de su venidore.

– de Salvatore Serra –


Su traballu terminològicu est fundamentale in sa polìtica linguìstica de sas limbas minorizadas, ca servit a bìnchere sa diglossia.

Operende in custu setore, tocat a cunfrontare sa limba interessada cun sas àteras limbas.

Inoghe, a ghisa de mustra, bos propòngio unas cantas frases in inglesu cun sa tradutzione in sardu.

Oe faeddamus de sas tzidades de cras.



  • Have you ever wondered how cities will look in the future?

Pensadu mai b’ais a comente ant a èssere sas tzitades in su venidore?


  • For me, I think that they will be different from now with more places to relax, taller buildings and better transportation.

Deo penso chi ant a èssere diferentes meda dae comente sunt como, cun prus logos de recreu, fràigos prus artos e sistemas mègius de trasportu

  • First of all, one significant change will be the need for more places such as parks, leisure centres  and entertainment areas.

In antis de totu, unu cambiamentu de importu at a èssere su  bisòngiu de logos comente parcos, tzentros de ispàssiu e àreas de intertenimentu


  • The reason for having these places is people will have to work harder  and longer hours and therefore they would need more places to chill out and relax

Sa resone pro tènnere custas istruturas est chi sa gente at a dèpere traballare de prus e pro prus oras, e duncas at a tènnere bisòngiu de prus logos pro s’asselenare e s’assussegare

  • Another change will be high-rise buildings for offices and apartments, as there will be more people moving to the city.

Un’àteru cambiamentu ant a èssere sos fràigos artos pro ufìtzios e apartamentos, ca gente meda si nch’at a tramudare a tzitade

  • This change will increase the cost of land, so it will be cheaper to build upwards rather than sideways

Custu cambiamentu at a fàghere artziare su prètziu de sos terrinos, e tando at a bènnere prus baratu a fraigare cara a susu chi no a costadu

  • Also, as more people live in the city, there will be a greater need to have better transportation so people can move around the city quickly.

In prus, sigomente b’at a àere prus pessones  chi istat in tzitade, at a tocare a megiorare sos trasportos pro permìtere a sa gente de si mòvere prus in presse.

  • This transport will include a subway system, high speed trains and a tram system

In custu sistema de trasportu b’ant a intrare sa metropolitana, sos trenos a velotzidade arta e sos postalinos

  • To conclude, our cities will look different from now. There will be a lot of challenges as people are likely to demand better lifestyles in the city where they live.

In congruos, sas tzitades ant a èssere diferentes meda dae comente sunt como. Ant a èssere medas sos disafios, ca  si pensat chi sa gente at a pretèndere istiles de vida mègius in su logu in ue istat



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